Ken Ham: Loss of Biblical Authority in Church DVD


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Why is the Church losing so many of its young people? Find out WHY it will get even worse...unless there is a movement within the Church to stop it!

In this important and relevant DVD, recorded live at the Associates for Biblical Research annual fundraising banquet, Ken Ham discusses the disturbing and profound changes taking place within our culture. Ken's talk is entitled: 

Understanding the loss of Biblical Authority in church and the culture and its connection to attacks and compromise on the book of Genesis.

The Church is failing to give our children real answers to their questions about Christianity and the Bible. While the church tells "Bible Stories", the secular culture is dragging our children away by undermining Biblical history...each and EVERY day! Ken explains the situation can be reversed, by returning to Biblical authority, and how the church must act NOW, before it is too late!

This DVD will help you understand the importance of the ministry of ABR in this current age.

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