Criticisms Refuted by Recent Discoveries Part II


ABR Educational DVD Series

Session #4

Rev. Gary Byers shows how skeptical arguments against the history of the Bible do not hold water. Criticism #6: The Philistines mentioned in Genesis are a fictitious anachronism. #7: King David is a legendary character in the same vein as King Arthur. #8: Jerusalem was not the capital of Israel during the time of David. #9: There is no evidence for a kingdom in Edom at the time of David. #10: Most, if not all, of Israel's history as recorded in the Bible should not be accepted.   50 minutes.

Great for Bible Study and Sunday School!

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Presented at Immanuel Leidy's Church Souderton, PA, November 2009.

Note to overseas customers: These DVDs are in NTSC format, not PAL. They are not region coded.

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