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Session #1 Scott Lanser:  How should we answer the critics of the Bible who declare that the historical accounts in the Bible are not accurate or trustworthy?  Some would say to ignore them and just preach Jesus.  But sadly, the overall impact of the critics has undermined our evangelistic efforts because Jesus is being dismissed along with the Bible, especially by our youth.  We must understand how an individual’s worldview and assumptions about the biblical accounts dramatically affects how they view Jesus and the message of the gospel.  And we CAN stand up to the false arguments and historical revisionism of the critics.  We have answers for their outrageous and irrational claims and answers for their dubious scholarship and poor archaeological interpretations. 50 minutes.

Session #2  Dr. Bryant Wood presents evidence that refutes five criticisms of the Bible. Criticism #1: There is no evidence for the presence of the Israelites in Egypt. #2: There was no capital at Rameses for the Israelites to depart from. #3: There is no evidence for the route, date and nature of the Exodus. #4: Jericho was not occupied when the Israelites entered Canaan. #5: The city of Ai recorded in Joshua 7-8 shows no evidence for destruction as the Bible records it. 50 minutes.

Session #3  Gordon Franz.The Da Vinci Code, the Gospel of Judas, Bloodline, liberal scholarship...on and on the list goes of those who attack the central doctrine of the Christian faith. Gordon Franz shows how skeptical arguments against the Resurrection of Jesus Christ are in vain.  50 minutes.

Session #4  Rev. Gary Byers shows how skeptical arguments against the history of the Bible do not hold water. Criticism #6: The Philistines mentioned in Genesis are a fictitious anachronism. #7: King David is a legendary character in the same vein as King Arthur. #8: Jerusalem was not the capital of Israel during the time of David. #9: There is no evidence for a kingdom in Edom at the time of David. #10: Most, if not all, of Israel's history as recorded in the Bible should not be accepted.   50 minutes.

Session #5  Henry B. Smith Jr. How do we answer the critics when they say there is no evidence for the Exodus or the Conquest of Canaan? First, we must understand the devastating and blinding influence of sin in the natural mind and heart. Second, everyone who you encounter already knows God. Third, Christians have been delivered from the same condition by the mercy of Christ. Lastly, we are called to "demolish arguments" that set themselves up against God's Truth. 30 minutes.

Presented at Immanuel Leidy's Church Souderton, PA, November 2009.

Note to overseas customers: These DVDs are in NTSC format, not PAL. They are not region coded.

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