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Already Compromised
: What are students really taught at Christian college? What end-product are parents spending tens of thousands of dollars each year for? Is your investment likely to yield stronger and more solid beliefs, or a cracked and crumbling foundation? AiG president Ken Ham and college president Dr. Greg Hall team up for this eye-opening assessment. Reg. Price $10.99

Already Gone: Statistics reveal a huge disconnect taking place between our children and their church experience. Nationwide polls and denominational reports are showing that the next generation is calling it quits on the traditional church. And its not just happening on the nominal fringe; it’s happening at the core of the faith. Reg. Price $9.99

Ken Ham at the ABR Fundraising Banquet: Why is the Church losing so many of its young people? Find out WHY it will get even worse...unless there is a movement within the Church to stop it! In this important and relevant DVD, recorded live at the Associates for Biblical Research annual fundraising banquet, Ken Ham discusses the disturbing and profound changes taking place within our culture. Reg. Price $3.99

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