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lost-gospels-pamphlet-md.jpgThe Gospels "Lost and Found" PamphletThis pamphlet gives reasons to trust the New Testament writings, and provides answers to Bart Ehrman’s bestseller Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why. Author Timothy Paul Jones, Ph.D., shows where the critics are incorrect and provides us with a logical, well-reasoned arguments for believing that Jesus lived, died, and rose again—according to the Scriptures. Now is the time to discuss textual criticism, because critics are bringing this to the public debate and claiming that the Bible cannot be trusted.It is important help Christians become better informed — ready to "defend the faith."

is-the-nt-reliable-md.jpgIs the New Testament Reliable?: Paul Barnett defends the task of the historian and the concept of history. He then addresses questions about the New Testament of importance to people of faith and skeptics alike:
1. How close in time are the New Testament documents to the life of Jesus?
2.Why should we believe the writings of "biased" early Christians? 3.Were any of the writers of the New Testament books eyewitnesses to the events it records?
4. How can we know that what was originally written has not been altered through the centuries? It is no small thing to trust ancient claims, but Barnett shows that we can take confidence in the New Testament, for it tells us the truth.

misquotingtruth-md.jpgMisquoting Truth: We have little reason to put our confidence in Scripture... Or so skeptic Bart Ehrman says. Add to this Ehrman's contention that what we read in the New Testament represents the winners' version of events, twisted to suit their own purposes and not at all a faithful recounting of what really happened, and the case for skepticism and unbelief gives every appearance of being on solid footing. But are things really so bad off? Were the New Testament documents widely distorted by copyists? Can we in fact have no idea what was in the originals? Do we have no hope of knowing what eyewitnesses said and thought? Are other documents left out of the New Testament better sources for understanding early Christianity? In clear, straightforward prose, Jones explores and explains the ins and outs of copying the New Testament, why lost Christianities were lost, and why the Christian message still rings true today.

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