1998A Back Issues


BIBLE and SPADE produced in Winter, Spring and Summer 1998. Bible and Spade produced after Summer 1998 are in large format and sell for $2.75 each.

Summer 1998
Noah, His Ark, His Mountain, His City and His Tomb • How Old Are Those Hills? • The Ancient Document Rule and the Flood of Noah’s Day • The Flood and Subsequent Civilization

Spring 1998
The Bible and Extraterrestrial Life • A Study of the Hebrew Word Yom in the Creation Narrative (Genesis 1, 2) • The City of Andrew and Peter: Bethsaida • The World’s Oldest Church: Aqaba, Jordan

Winter 1998
To Sling or Not to Sling – That Was Never The Question • Signals From Space • Gone, But Not Forgotten: The Hurrians and Their Kingdom of the Lion • Bible Personages in Archaeology: Omri, King of Israel


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