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certainty-of-the-faith-md.jpgThe Certainty of the Faith: Apologetics in an Uncertain World
: This book suggests answers to six of the most difficult questions that people use to challenge Christianity. It presents a basically presuppositionalist apologetic in a simple and practical manner, and it also shows how we can benefit from other apologists, without compromising our commitment to the Scriptures as our final authority. It shows the uncertainty of non Christian thought, as opposed to the certainty of Christian epistemology. It gives a brief, practical survey of western philosophy, and a brief survey of key Christian apologists.This is an excellent intermediate-level book on Christian apologetics. Reg. Price $9.99

atheism-remix-md.jpgAtheism Remix

A leading Christian intellectual explores the newest strain of atheism, its foremost thinkers, the cultural conditions that have bred it, and how Christians should respond. Something has changed in American culture. What for years was a little-regarded belief system—atheism—has now gained a large, and increasing, national hearing through the writings of “new atheists” such as Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens.Reg. Price $7.99

how-do-we-know-md.jpgHow Do We Know the Bible is True?: General editors Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge along with a team of biblical scholars and Christian apologists present answers to twenty relevant debates. This lineup of authors include Jason Lisle, Brian Edwards, Tommy Mitchell, Steve Ham, Jobe Martin, Steve Fazekas, Terry Mortenson, Tim Chaffey, Roger Patterson, Bob McCabe, Georgia Purdom, and John MacArthur. Guard your family, your church, and future generations from vague notions of truth and authority. Be prepared to give a reason for your faith in God! Reg. Price $9.99

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