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uncovering-nativity-md.jpgUncovering the Real Nativity. Christmas is a favorite time of year for many. It's a season full of joyful celebration and family traditions. But are all of the "staple" elements we ascribe to Christmas truly Biblical? This wonderful little booklet will look at questions like: Does the Bible say that Mary and Joseph spent the night in a stable? Was Mary in labor when she arrived in Bethlehem? What is a "kataluma?" Does the Bible mention an innkeeper? How many wisemen were there? The answers are inside this easy-to-read booklet! Great to share with family, neighbors and friends! Reg. Price $1.99

life-of-jesus-md.jpgLife of Jesus. Who is Jesus and how is he different from all other religious leaders? This question lies at the heart of the good news of Jesus Christ. In Life of Jesus, a 14-page full-color pamphlet, you'll see how Jesus and the New Testament writers answered this important question in their own words, and be able to answer questions from believers and skeptics about who Jesus really is. Reg. Price $2.99

resurrection-pamp-med.jpgEvidence for the Resurrection. Was Jesus a real person? Is there evidence that he rose from the dead? Can we trust the witnesses? Skeptics have always had their questions about Jesus and his miraculous resurrection. This pamphlet answers each question and addresses each theory with historical, archaeological, and cultural proofs. A full color, glossy pamphlet presents 12 panels of evidence and logic that has convinced critics over the years and equips believers to point skeptics in the right direction. Perfect for Easter, Resurrection Sunday, discipleship, new members, confirmation, and outreach. Reg. Price $3.99

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