ABR SUPER PACK I: 9 DVD Set: Save $18.50!


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Get 9 DVDs with 10 presentations from ABR staff that uphold and defend the truth of the Bible. This Super Discount Pack includes:

2008 Series

#1 The Christmas Story: How Well Do You Know It?

#2 Spiritual Lessons from the Pool of Siloam. 

#3 Judges: Forgotten History.

#4 Calling at Capernaum: A Closer Look at Mark 1

#5 Finding the Lost City of Ai: Joshua 7-8

2009 Series

#1 Answering the Critics

#2 Criticisms Refuted by Recent Discoveries Part One

#3 Refuting Contemporary Attacks on the Resurrection

#4 Criticisms Refuted by Recent Discoveries Part Two

#5 Effect of Human Sin on Apologetics and Archaeology

Note to overseas customers: These DVDs are in NTSC format, not PAL. They are not region coded.

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