The Soul Shepherd DVD

The Bible teaches us that our relationship with God is like the relationship between sheep and their shepherd. Sometimes, however, the deepest truths are lost on us because we have never lived the life of a shepherd or become familiar with the ways of sheep.

For the past five years, filmmaker, Joel Kramer, has captured the lives of Bedouin shepherds tending their sheep in the same places Abraham and David watched over their own flocks thousands of years ago. Here wolves still prowl and old men and young boys still shepherd in the ancient ways.

Join Joel in the mountains of Israel as he captures the pastoral scenes that the Bible paints and helps you more fully understand your own relationship with “the Shepherd and Overseer of your soul.” (1 Peter 12:25)

Runtime: 32min.
NTSC Widescreen | 16:9 | Region Free DVD
Language: English
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