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insight-handbook-medium.jpg1. From the Bible Teaching Ministry of Chuck Swindoll and Featuring Dr. Bryant Wood of ABR! Insight's Archaeology Handbook features ten key archaeological finds and why they matter. They provide a rich cultural context to the Scripture. Each discovery gives credibility to the various historical details and events mentioned in the Bible, deepening your understanding of the Scriptures by bringing the stories you've read and heard to life. Regular price: $9.99

2. So what’s up with the head coverings for women in the Bible? Cultural issues like this make us scratch our heads when we think of applying the Bible to modern life. Answers to such questions fill Insight’s Handbook of New Testament Backgrounds: Key Customs from Each Book, offering you a clearer understanding of the cultural world of the New Testament. Thoughtfully organized by Bible book and verse, including a handy topical index, this resource helps us leap the cultural hurdles of the New Testament and grow in understanding God’s Word. Regular Price $9.99

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