Bones of Contention (Revised and Updated)

A Creationist Assessment of Human Fossils

When it comes to human evolution, only the fossils tell the real story.

With over thirty-five years of research in the areas of creationism and evolutionism, Professor Marvin Lubenow seeks to disprove both the philosophical and scientific untruths in the theory of human evolution.

"On the question of biological, especially human, origins, Lubenow is not content to merely quote biblical theory (if I may use that word). Like a true scholar he reasearches in depth the literature in the scientific journals, sifting the evidence, searching out the areas open to interpretation. . . . He does his homework so thoroughly that he makes someone like me who would carry on a dialogue with him (as we did on creationism vs. Darwinism) also do his homework. . . . He is a pleasure to fence with intellectually."--Michael Charney, emeritus professor of anthropology, affiliate professor of zoology, Colorado State University

"There's no better creationist researcher I know who has studied and critiqued man's supposed evolutionary ancestry more thoroughly than Professor Lubenow. After reading this masterful book, only a hardened heart would still accept human evolution and reject Divine creation."--Ken Ham, president, Answers in Genesis

Martin Lubenow

Level: Semi-technical

Paperback, 400 pages

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