Bible and Spade CD-ROM 1972-2011

Bible and Spade CD-ROM 1972-2011


The Bible and Spade CD-ROM 1972-2011 includes the following features:

  • Hundreds of articles contributed by ABR staff, board, associates and other expert contributors over the past 40 years.
  • Complete archive of 136 issues of Bible and Spade, 1972 through 2011.
  • Articles are complete with pictures, drawings and maps.
  • Complete Bibliographical data for further research.
  • Page numbers are preserved in journals for ease of citation.
  • Complete search capability for subjects, authors, and Scripture verses.
  • The WORDSEARCH browser/search engine software is included.
  • Expand or collapse the table of contents to display various levels of headings.
  • Includes a wealth of recent archaeological finds related to the Biblical texts.
  • Scriptures verses are tagged to jump directly to the reference in your Bible

Notice to Foreign customers: the shipping price that is calculated in PayPal is based on % of dollar sales, not weight. The CD ROM is a light product, so ABR will refund foreign customers for shipping overcharges. Please send an email to if you have questions.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7. Sorry, not MAC compatible. This products runs on "WORDSEARCH". Libronix is no longer offering this program for the Bible and Spade CD ROM.


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