2018 Bible and Spade back issues

2018 Bible and Spade back issues
Winter 2018: Editorial: Christianity is Reasonable, and it is Faithful to Say So • We Hear you • Science Meets the Shroud of Turin, Part 2 • How I Became an Archaeologist: Reflections on My Time with ABR • The Iron Age I Bead of Khirbet el-Maqatir: How a small Archaeological Find Can Tell a Greater Story • MX, SP, LXX? Deciphering a Chronological and Textual Conundrum in Genesis 5

Spring 2018: Editorial • We Hear You • The March to Jerusalem Roman Brutality at Khirbet el-Maqatir • The "Problem" of Ai • Ussher Explained and Corrected

Summer 2018: Editorial • We Hear You • Ancient Tombs and the Shroud of Turin • Ephesus: A Case Study for the Reliability of Scripture • new Evidence for Kainan in the New Testament and LXX Papyri • Have We Found Biblical Libnah?


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