Giving the Sense: Understanding and Using Old Testament Historical Texts


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Brimming with insights, this volume by evangelical scholars explores a broad range of Old Testament studies. The contributors explore methodological issues, survey the five major eras in Israel's history, and focus on specific issues related to understanding Old Testament historical texts - such as the dating of the Exodus, the use of large numbers during Israel's monarchy, and the literary features in the book of Esther. Compiled in honor of Eugene H. Merrill, professor of Old Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and staff member of the ABR excavation at Kh. el-Maqatir, Israel, this volume helps students of the Old Testament understand how to "give the sense" (in the words of Nehemiah 8:8) of what God's Word says in historical narratives. Includes:

• Archaeology and Biblical History: Its Uses and Abuses, by Eugene H. Merrill
• Dating the Patriarchal Age: The Contribution of Ancient Near Eastern Texts, by Mark F. Rooker
• The Date of the Exodus, by William H. Shea
From Ramesses to Shiloh: Archaeological Discoveries Bearing on the Exodus-Judges Period, by Bryant G. Wood
• Conquest, Infiltration, Revolt, or Resettlement? What Really Happened During the Exodus-Judges Period? by Carl G. Rasmussen
• The United Monarchy: Archaeological and Literary Issues, by Hermann Austel

Edited by David M. Howard, Jr., and Michael A. Grisanti, Kregel

Softcover, 482 pages

Level: Semi-technical

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