Near East Archaeological Society Annual Meeting

Date: 11/15/2016-11/17/2016
Time: All Day
Location: NEAS-ETS San Antonio, Texas

The annual meeting of the Near East Archaeological Society will be held November 15-17 in San Antonio, TX in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.

The following presentations will be conducted by ABR Staff Members or ABR Dig Staff:

Tues 11/15, 10:40–11:20 Bryant Wood, “Locating Bethel”

Tues 11/15, 11:30-12:10 Douglas Petrovich, “The Search for Physical Remains of the United Monarchy”

Tues 11/15 PM Boyd Seevers and Abigail Leavitt: A Headless Judean Pillar Figurine from Gibeah of Saul

Wed 11/16 AM Scott Stripling: Israelite Worship at Shiloh

Thurs 11/17 PM Steve Rudd: "Trust Nebo Alone" Praise Statue 804 BC

For further details, please visit the NEAS website:

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