Read the testimonies of volunteers and staff from our previous excavactions at Khirbet el-Maqatir, 2009-2016.

2018 Season

You can read all about the fantastic discoveries found at various archaeological digs throughout Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and beyond. However, there is absolutely no comparison for actually digging into the ancient dirt of Israel with your bare (gloved) hands and discovering real artifacts, made by real people, living in Israel’s Promised Land! My experiences at ancient Biblical Shiloh, the city of Jerusalem and other holy sites in Israel, enjoyed with my new found ABR Team of archeologists and volunteer friends, was none other than life changing! -Steve A.

This was something I'd been wanting to do for years. My expectations were high, and I was not disappointed!! -Ronnie & Missy

Digging an archaeological site has always been on my bucket list but thought I would never qualify. When I found out you only needed a heart for archaeology and have the opportunity to dig at the site where Joshua and the Israelites spent almost 400 years was a dream come true. Walking up the hill every morning in the misty fog put an aire in the feeling of being in the presence with them. And then to hold 3500 year old pottery in your hand that one of them possibly had made was just surreal and overwhelming! But finding 2600 pieces of pottery could not have been better in AF29 square! Don and Gary were more than supportive, patient and enthusiastic. Their knowledge was superior! -Connie S.

Great trip. -Nestor M.

I was not overly interested in archaeology. This experience has opened up another world for me. -Neno S.

The work at Shiloh was work. It was hard work. It was uncomfortable, hot and afternoons were windy. getting up in the wee morning hours was arduous and I finally got used to the hours about two days before I went home. I loved every second of it. I am hooked and budgeting and working to do what I need to in order to volunteer next season. -Brent

In my travels in Europe, the Far East and in the USA, I have attended many packaged tours. The post dig tour was more comprehensive and agenda-packed than any other I can recall. Dr. Stripling was totally unselfish in answering many, many questions. It takes a particular patience to be able to facilitate and lead such a group. -Rick C.

The new wet sifting station was amazing! Kudos to Steve. I'm sure it was costly, but worth it! -Anonymous

I love this organization and all the people who run it! This was an amazing experience, and I’ll definitely be back next year. -Katie

Fantastic experience digging where OT saints walked hundreds of years ago! -Stephen W. 

2017 Season

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for letting me be apart of this wonderful association and field excavation staff that I honestly consider to be my second family. I am so blessed to have had such wonderful people working with me and not only continuously teaching me, but treating me like a colleague and fellow lover of what it is that everyone in ABR does. -Cassie

Well organized, Christ honoring! -David

I can't say enough good about ABR! As a single woman on a dig in a foreign land, I was a little concerned about personal safety. However, during my entire stay I felt perfectly safe, and knew that ABR had my back. -Jenny

I enjoyed the experience very much and am promoting it to people. -Lars

The fellowship was rich and the sweet spirit that we had prayed for was evident. -Nancy

Hard work. Loved every minute. I couldn't wait to get my hands in the dirtwhere Joshua may have walked. Everyone seemed to have a love for the Word. Lively discussions with fellow volunteers and scholars alike were a highlight for me. We don't have to agree on all things to feel comeraderie -Larry

The Bible really comes alive when you stand where it all happened. -Lorne

It was the trip of a lifetime for me, and will always treasure the memories. Staff friendly, and welcoming, helpful. Sharing in the work was exactly what I wanted and thoroughly enjoyed everything. Would love to do this again! Thank you to everyone! -Elizabeth

Pleasure to meet so many great and interesting people. -David

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