Noah's Ark Update from Randall Price

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Excerpt A Full Critique of the NAMI Wooden Structure "Find" thought by NAMI to be Noah's Ark with 99% probability. Continue reading

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A Critique of the Claim of Noah’s Ark Ministries International of the Discovery of a Wooden Structure on Mount Ararat
by Dr. Randall Price Ph.D. and Don Patton, Ph.D.


Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) announced that on October 2009 it had reached the remains of a large wooden structure on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. The organization has declared 99% certainty that the structure is Noah’s Ark and has claimed Turkish academics and the local government of Ağri province support this conclusion. The location of the site has been kept a secret, but NAMI claims it has applied for it to be given the status of a World Heritage Site to protect it from possible looters. NAMI has conducted an extensive media tour in China to raise millions of dollars in funds with the stated goal of mounting a “scientific expedition” to thoroughly explore the structure.

Read the rest of the report on Randall Price's Website:

See a TV clip with Dr. Don Batton, Price's colleague:

Editorial note: This report is available on Randall Price's website, a trusted scholar and friend of the ABR ministry. However, we encourage readers to prayerfully weigh the arguments of both NAMI and Dr. Price in ascertaining whether Noah's Ark has really been discovered by NAMI on Mt. Ararat. 

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12/22/2010 5:43 PM #

The idea that people carried tons of timbers up the side of the mountian and constructed them into rooms in the ice in order to pull off a hoax is very difficult to believe.  That would take a lot of workers and a lot of time, and might even be visible to satellite observation.  I'm thinking this find looks pretty darn good unless someone can show me more than speculation.  A lot of Christians can be jealous.  It is also easy to accuse.  

It's kind of good that this discovery wasn't made by a westerner anyway.  That  should separate it from being an American claim.

James Dillner - 12/22/2010 5:43:02 PM

12/26/2010 9:26 AM #

Others have carried timbers up Mount Ararat all the way to the summit 150-180 years ago so this is not an impossible scenario.

Personally, wooden remains on Mount Ararat does not mean much to me. Along with the following examples, there is the documented wood around 16,000 feet elevation at Çatalcaya near the Eastern Plateau in the John McIntosh photo at of which John has remnants.

Here is a list of some of the wood that was planted on Mount Ararat for different reasons including to honor the Bible record and God's saving Noah and his family:

1829 – Dr. Friedrich Parrot – planted a wooden cross on the summit

1845 – Otto Wilhelm Hermann von Abich (1806–1886) placed a seven foot cross on the western slope

1859 – Russian Col. J. Khodzo erected a seven foot cross on the summit

1955 – Fernand Navarra was accused by one of his climbing colleagues of carrying wood up the mountain and planting it, only to be photographed and video'd of him with it as he brought part of it down the mountain

Of course, a wooden structure is very different than the wooden remnants that have been found on Ararat in the past. Please note that the alleged eyewitnesses did not see small remains of wood, wooden planks, corners of wood, or the inside rooms of a wooden structure. Instead, they claimed to see a large wooden vessel from an outside perspective, most of them from a considerable viewing distance.

Here is a summary of the wood finds, but not a wooden structure, on Ararat:

1876 – James Bryce – high southeast

1936 – Hardwicke Knight – high northeast

1947 – Turkish Soldier – Çatalcaya near Eastern Plateau

1955 – Fernand Navarra – Parrot Glacier

1966 – Nicholaas Van Arkel – ice cap edge

1969 – Fernand Navarra & SEARCH – Parrot Glacier

1980s – Researchers including John McIntosh – Çatalcaya near Eastern Plateau

1984 – Dick Bright found what looked like wood, ‘…we hiked to the west glacier and looked it over from above. We then climbed a finger glacier to search for the wood sighting of which Jim was made aware last year. We found it...a pair of skis and poles at 16,000 feet on Inonu Peak. We reached that summit with crampons and ice axes. We don't know why the skis are here. I can't imagine anyone actually trying to use them on this mountain. A photograph of the skis at a distance would cause them to appear like pieces of wood, or hand-hewn timber, sticking out of the ice.”

1989 + 2002 – Italian Climbers – Parrot Glacier

Rex Geissler - 12/26/2010 9:26:25 AM

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