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Excerpt The BioLogos Foundation is working vigorously to convince the Christian community that they must accept evolution to keep any semblance of intellectual respectability. Worse, they believe that the credibility of the Gospel will suffer if Christians do not accept evolution. Below are several web articles that deal with the problems associated with BioLogos. Continue reading

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No Pass From Theological Responsibility by Dr. Albert Mohler

Excerpt: [BioLogos'] theological arguments are published in the public arena. They are not shy about making their proposals, and they call for a radical reformulation of evangelical doctrine. Their assaults upon biblical inerrancy have not been made in private conversations, but in public discourse. Their argument that the Apostle Paul was wrong to believe in an historical Adam and an historical Fall was made in public, as was their denial of common descent through Adam. They will have to take responsibility for these arguments. They should expect no less than a spirited debate over their proposals, and it is nothing short of bewildering that they now ask, in effect, for a pass from all theological scrutiny. They accuse conservative evangelicals of driving evangelicalism into an “intellectual cul-de-sac” and into the status of an intellectual “cult,” and then they have the audacity to complain of the “tone” of those who argue that their proposals amount to a theological disaster.

Bible Curriculum That is Anti-Bible? by Anne Elliot. Comments on the recent children's book published by BioLogos fellow Peter Enns.

Comments from Answers in Genesis on the Recent Removal of Ken Ham from Two Homeschool Conventions.

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