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Excerpt We only have ten days left in ABR’s fiscal year, and we are significantly behind in donations... Continue reading

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Dear Friends,

We only have ten days left in ABR’s fiscal year, and we are significantly behind in donations so that we might finish the year in a healthy financial condition. Giving was dramatically down in May, and we have not received our normal response from our friends to this point.

We are all extremely busy, and we know that there are many asking for your support. Please know that we need your help at this time, and that without it we will need to immediately make cuts to our programs and our staff. ABR exists solely by the support of our friends, all those whose hearts are moved by God to support this ministry.

If you have not taken the time to do so, please send your check TODAY, or go on our website and make a donation for ABR. This past year ABR has seen dramatic increases in the level and quality of our ministry, from the start of our new TV show, to record-setting participation in our excavation at Shiloh, to expanded research. We are providing critical ministry support to pastors, leaders, students, and churches, encouraging them to trust in the full authority of the Bible by providing original research that affirms the reliability of the Bible.

Please respond today with a generous gift so that ABR can continue to impact the Body of Christ and those seekers who have critically important questions about the Bible. When a heart comes to know that the Bible can be trusted, the message of the gospel breaks through into their lives in power. Please help us as we seek to glorify God and lead others to the Savior!

If you have not yet read my end-of-year newsletter, please check it out today to see the many ways your support is fueling the ABR ministry! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Scott Lanser

ABR Director


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