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From Ramesses to Shiloh: Archaeological Discoveries Bearing on the Exodus-Judges Period Attempts to correlate the findings of archaeology with the biblical record for the period under review have seemingly met with insurmountable ob­stacles. Much of the scholarly community today has despaired of making any valid connections and has dismissed biblical history prior to the king­dom period as nothing more than myth and legend... Type: Post
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Research on Shiloh The following articles are provided here as background material for further study and research for the Shiloh Excavations. Type: Page
The Shiloh Excavations: Week One, Season One The Associates for Biblical Research are very pleased to announce the official kick off for the archaeological excavations at Shiloh in Israel. After 18 months of prayer and intensive preparation, our first week of digging at the former site of the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant was a smashing success! Type: Post
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Professional Dig Staff Shiloh The Shiloh Dig is staffed by a team of experienced professionals committed to conducting this excavation with scholarly integrity and excellence. Type: Page
A Brief Overview of Discoveries from the Shiloh Excavations 2017 After six weeks of excavation, conservation, and processing at ancient Shiloh, the ABR team headed back to the States. During Season One at Shiloh some very fascinating artifacts came to light that are already shedding light on the occupational history in several important ways... Type: Post
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The Shiloh Excavations: Week Four, Season One “We exceeded all expectations, and I had pretty high ones!” was what Dig Director Scott Stripling said to the whole team at our final meeting on Friday evening. It was a wonderfully successful first season for the ABR Shiloh Excavation. Type: Post
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Tags : Dig, Shiloh, 2017 Season
Was the Tabernacle Ever at Shiloh? "Was the Tabernacle ever at Shiloh? Israeli Archaeologist Israel Finkelstein excavated at Shiloh and has made several claims that conflict with the biblical narrative. ABR's excavations at ..." Type: Page
The Shiloh Excavations: Week Three, Season One Every morning during this past week, the sun has risen between the hills east of the ancient tel of Shiloh, and we get to see the western hills capture this early light and see the shadows against those hills gradually fade. In this daily beauty, we have completed the third of four weeks of ABR’s Shiloh excavation. We had some of our team depart after the second week to return to classes or other obligations and had new team members arrive to the site for the third week. All workers have remained strong and dedicated as we confronted the highest temperatures yet on this dig. Type: Post
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Volunteer to Dig at Shiloh Join us in Israel at Shiloh and become a part of Biblical history! Type: Page
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ABR’s Excavations at Shiloh Now Underway The Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) has begun an exciting new chapter in their archaeological research... Type: Post
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Shiloh Dig Announcement: Suzanne Lattimer Named Assistant Director Dr. Scott Stripling, Director of the Associates for Biblical Research’s Shiloh Excavations, recently announced the appointment of Mrs. Suzanne Lattimer as Assistant Director of the Shiloh Excavations. Type: Post
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Schedule for the 2018 Excavation Season at Shiloh The overall and daily schedules for the 2018 season. Type: Page
ABR Receives $20,000 in Matching Gift Pledges for Shiloh Dig The Associates for Biblical Research is humbled to announce that the Lord has again provided in a miraculous way for our ongoing excavations at Shiloh... Type: Post
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Shiloh Excavation Reports Read excavation and other reports from previous dig seasons. Type: Page
Matching Gift Opportunity for ABR's Dig at Shiloh The Lord continues to miraculously bless ABR's ongoing archaeological excavations in Israel! An anonymous donor has come forward with an offer to match every gift to the Shiloh Excavations, dollar-for-dollar, through the end of March 2017, up to $10,000! Type: Post
Donate to the Dig Shiloh Most excavations in the Holy Land are sponsored by large Universities with deep pockets and resources, who often have access to large donors and scores of alumni. By contrast, the excavation work conducted by ABR at Biblical Shiloh is a walk of faith. Type: Page
The Shiloh Excavations: Week Five, Season One: Conservation Work During the months of May/June 2017, excavations were carried out at Tel Shiloh. At the conclusion of the dig, conservation work needed to be carried out on some walls that were in danger of deterioration or collapse. One section of the Middle Bronze Age city wall, W17 in Square AC-30, was selected for conservation. Type: Post
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The Shiloh Excavations: Week Two, Season One Week two of the Shiloh Excavations continued the positive trajectory that was established in week one. Our efforts flourished under the leadership of Dr. Scott Stripling, the Director of Excavations. The excavation team is uncovering the city wall and nearby structures in the north and northwestern sectors of the tell. The city wall dates to the MB III period. Type: Post
Article Categories : Judges-United Monarchy
Tags : Dig, Shiloh, 2017 Season
Join the Consortium Shiloh Christian seminaries, colleges, churches and other institutions are encouraged to become part of this vitally important project. Type: Page
Picture Gallery Shiloh ABR Picture Galleries from previous excavation seasons and ABR tours. Type: Page
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