100 Reasons to Trust Old Testament History

Is the Old Testament of the Bible true?

A simple question but usually not answered so simply. Many people, including some biblical scholars, are increasingly skeptical towards the Bible. More often than not, the Bible is dismissed as a mythological history of the Israelite people. Scholars, archaeologists and the secular world continue to ferociously debate whether biblical characters such as Abraham, Moses and David even existed. Is there no evidence for them? Are the Bible stories 'proven' historically inaccurate? What effect does this have on Christianity? Stepping back from the debate, we will look at what archaeology has actually discovered about biblical times and how that relates to the stories of the Old Testament.

Meant for the average Christian and skeptic alike, 100 Reasons to Trust Old Testament History makes the case that the historical foundation of the Bible is solid. There is no reason to dismiss it or its message!

Murray Hiebert, Softcover

Level: Layman, 196 pages

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