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Mummy Cache Found in the Valley of the Kings posted by Doug Petrovich ThM MA

Based on inscriptions on storage jars, Egyptologists were able to identify and name over 30 people during this year's field season. Titles such as “Prince” and “Princess” distinguish the buried as members of the families of the two pharaohs Thutmosis IV and Amenhotep III who are also buried in the Valley of Kings. Both pharaohs belonged to the 18th dynasty (New Kingdom) and ruled in the 14th century BC.

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Luxor Times

Photo Credit: Matjaz Kacicnik, University of Basel/Egyptology

An Update on the So-Called "Jesus Wife" Papyrus Fragment posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

I reported on this story back in September 2012. See: Brief Reflections on the So-Called Jesus Wife Fragment. At that time, there was some debate concerning the authenticity of the fragment. On April 10, 2014 a new study was released, claiming that the papyrus fragment was ancient and not a modern forgery.

For more on this story, see the Boston Globe Story (off-site link).

Biblical Archaeological Review weighs in, with additional sources. (off-site link).

Commentary from Dr. Albert Mohler (off-site link).

Many still believe the papyrus is a fake (off-site link).

Commentary from NT Textual expert, Dr. Daniel Wallace (off-site link).

In-depth discussion on Evangelical Textual Criticism Blog (off-site link).

9 New Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Discovered posted by ABR Staff

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Times of Israel


Construction Ready to Begin on Life Sized Noah's Ark posted by ABR Staff

Visit Ark Encounter for more information (off-site link).

New Study Confirms Carthaginian Child Sacrifice posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

"...[W]hen you pull together all the evidence – archaeological, epigraphic and literary – it is overwhelming and, we believe, conclusive: they did kill their children, and on the evidence of the inscriptions, not just as an offering for future favours but fulfilling a promise that had already been made," argues Josephine Quinn, ancient history lecturer at Oxford University. Quinn and her colleagues published the results of their study in their article, "Phoenician Bones of Contention" in Antiquity, volume 87. (off-site link).

For more on this story, see (off-site links):

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University of Oxford

Watch this preview of the ABR DVD: Canaanite Child Sacrifice and Modern Day Abortion, available in the ABR bookstore.

Major Artifact Confirms Biblical Account posted by ABR Staff

Major Artifact Confirms Biblical Account

ABR has been conducting excavations in Israel since 1995 at Khirbet el-Maqatir (9 miles north of Jerusalem), which meets the biblical requirements to be identified as the fortress of Ai conquered by the Israelites as recorded in Joshua 7-8.

Copyright 2013, Associates for Biblical Research. may not be reproduced anywhere, in any format, without the express written permission of the Associates for Biblical Research. Photo by Mike Luddeni.

Pottery excavated at the site indicates the fortress was in use in the Late Bronze period, circa 1500-1400 BC. The scarab is a rare type that was made in the early 18th dynasty, ca. 1485-1418 BC. This is a significant discovery since it provides an independent date for the fortress apart from pottery. According to the Bible, the Israelites left Egypt in 1446 BC and entered Canaan in 1406 BC. The scarab substantiates the historical accuracy of the narratives found in Joshua.

Named the Number One Discovery of 2013 by Christianity Today!

The Egyptian scarab from Khirbet el-Maqatir will be on display in the Dunham Bible Museum at Houston Baptist University from January 22 to December 20, 2014.

For more information, please contact:

Henry B. Smith Jr.

Associates for Biblical Research

Director of Development

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Download Press Release

Download Museum Exhibit Flyer

Media Photo File (off site link)

Watch video footage of the Discovery of the Scarab at Khirbet el-Maqatir.

Hear Dr. Scott Stripling talk about the Khirbet el-Maqatir Exhibit at Houston Baptist University.



Press Release Maqatir Scarab Museum-1a.pdf (406.69 kb)

rev 1-10(2) full page HBU Exhibit_red crackle.pdf (1.34 mb)

Press Release Maqatir Scarab Museum-Press Conf FINAL.pdf (411.72 kb)

13th Dynasty Tomb of King Sobekhotep Found In Egypt posted by ABR Staff

The tomb discovered by the Pennsylvania University mission working south of Abydos, Sohag. The first lead to this discovery was when the huge quartzite sarcophagi of 60 tons was found in 2013. Then, parts of tablet were found depicting the name of the King and show him sitting on his throne.

For more see (off-site link): Luxor Times

Biblical Tarshish Located in Sardinia? posted by Henry B. Smith Jr. MA

Tarshish, which means “to smelt,” was a source not only of silver, but also other refined metals such as iron, tin and lead (Ezekiel 27:12). Recent lead isotope ore provenance analyses of silver found at Akko, Dor, Ein Hogez and Tell Keisan in southern Phoenicia, indicate that Biblical Tarshish was located on the island of Sardinia.

For more, see (off-site link): Silver at Tarshish

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