Schedule for the 2016 Excavation Season at Khirbet el-Maqatir

Overall Schedule: Last Updated 6/19/2015 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE)

Wednesday May 19: ABR staff departs from the USA.

Sunday May 22 PM: Check in date for volunteers at the Ritz Hotel. Arrangements may be made for earlier check in at additional cost, but there is no guarantee of room availability. Check with ABR to confirm availability and pricing for early check in.

Sunday May 22: Square Supervisors and Surveyors visit and set up site.

Sunday May 22: Dig Orientation 7 PM

Monday May 23-Friday May 27: Dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir.

Saturday May 28 -Free Day. One week diggers check out AM.

Sunday May 29: Optional Tour to Shiloh, Mt. Gerazim, Mt. Ebal, and Shechem. Cost: $15 to $20 plus entry fees. (Diggers pay for this optional tour in Israel, not in advance).

Monday May 30- Friday June 3: Dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir.

Saturday June 4: Free Day. Departing diggers check out AM from the Ritz Hotel.

Sunday June 5: Optional tour of Benjamin Plateau with Bill Schlegel of IBEX. Cost: TBA, paid in Israel.

Monday June 6 - Friday June 10: Dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir

Saturday June 11: Diggers check out AM from the Ritz Hotel. Free day for post-dig tour participants.

Sunday June 12-Saturday June 18 AM: Post Dig Touring with Dr. Scott Stripling.

Daily Dig Schedule

4:15 AM Breakfast
4:45 AM Load Bus
4:59:59 AM Depart for Site- bus ride includes a daily devotional and songs of praise.
5:30 AM Start Digging
10:30 AM Lunch on site
1:30 PM Leave Site
2:30 PM Pottery Washing
3:30-7PM Rest, Free Time, Dinner at the Ritz Hotel
7-8 PM Evening Biblical Teaching as scheduled

Biblical Teaching Schedule 7-8 pm:  Subject to Change

May 22 (Sunday) – Orientation (Staff)
May 23 (Monday) –
May 24 (Tuesday) – Stones the Builders Rejected (Brian Peterson)
May 25 (Wednesday) – Before they were Sherds (Bryant Wood)
May 26 (Thursday) – Date and Background of the Conquest (Scott Stripling)
May 27 (Friday) –
May 30 (Monday) – Ritual Purity at Khirbet el-Maqatir (Scott Stripling)
May 31 (Tuesday) –
June 1 (Wednesday) – The Evidence for Ai (Bryant Wood)
June 2 (Thursday) –
June 3 (Friday) –
June 6 (Monday) –
June 7 (Tuesday) –
June 8 (Wednesday) – Digging up the Truth at Jericho (Bryant Wood)
June 9 (Thursday) –
June 10 (Friday) – Debriefing (Staff)

ABR Security Statement

ABR is closely monitoring the violence in Israel and the Palestinian controlled territories. While the violence is often contained in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip and the coastal region of Israel, it has now spilled over into East Jerusalem and the West Bank where the Khirbet el-Maqatir excavation is located. Americans and other westerners are almost never the focus of violence, which is expressed between Israelis and Palestinians. Our dig is in Area C, or the disputed territories; therefore, the Israeli military maintains a tight control there, including a guard tower that overlooks our site. In addition, we have armed security guards on our site while we are excavating. We have never needed the guards or felt in any way at risk. The Israeli Antiquities Authority will not allow us to excavate if there is any risk involved. There is no indication that they are concerned. We are confident that the 2016 excavation will be uninterrupted and safe. If the situation changes, we will take appropriate steps. Please join us in praying for peace in the land of the Bible.

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