King of Kings

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Excerpt "He has performed mighty deeds with His arm; he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thought..." Luke 1:51 Continue reading

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Thank you for your prayers and support for ABR during this past year.  Your gifts have changed lives by revealing the truth to everyday Christians about the Bible’s reliability and trustworthiness.  Together we have challenged the “halls of power” in the “Christian” and secular academic world by serving notice to the skeptics and cynics that efforts to undermine the authority of the Scripture will be confronted with sound scholarship and truth.


I once spoke at a Christian liberal arts college to a group of students who were surprised when I told them that biblical Jericho had been discovered and its evidence powerfully affirmed what God had declared in the Scripture.  A number of the students quickly chimed in that their Old Testament professor had told them that the Jericho we see today was not the Jericho of Joshua’s day and that there was no support for the biblical account.  Their professor had never yet read of Dr. Bryant Wood’s research debunking the false interpretations of the type and dating of pottery found at the site; when once the pottery is properly interpreted then it fits the dating and time of Jericho perfectly.  These students were evangelical believers being taught that their Bible was in error!  No wonder so many students become confused when they go to college; sadly, in some cases, they cannot even trust professing Christian professors to support the authority and accuracy of Scripture.  Thanks to your financial support for ABR I was able to set the record straight and help these students understand that their Bible is totally reliable.  It was your gifts that opened this door for ministry!  Thank you.


Scripture declares God’s mighty deeds in history and He has always had human detractors mock His works and declare them false (even those who profess to know Him.)  These false prophets will always seek to minimize or deny God’s miracles and will instead seek to exalt human reasoning and understanding over God.  It was the same in the day when Joseph and Mary chose to believe the word of the Lord through Gabriel over their circumstances and over their enemies who stood in opposition to God and to them.  Mary remembered well the deeds of the Lord in history and she knew the prideful reasoning of man would be “scattered” by the Lord.


Your generous gift to ABR in this holiday season will serve to scatter the thoughts of the proud as they seek to use their reasoning against the truth of God’s word; and together we will join with Mary as we exalt in the mighty works of God that He has revealed in history as recorded in the Scripture.  I pray that you and your family will find the joy of the Lord and a true spirit of celebration as you remember the greatest miracle of all…the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.


And thank you for your generous support of this ministry and for all you have done for the Body of Christ.


Celebrating the birth of the King of Kings,


Scott Lanser


Director, Associates for Biblical Research


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