The Prophecy of Jesus and The Temple

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Excerpt Dr. Scott Stripling discusses the prophecy of Christ in Matthew 24:1 in this video clip, foretelling the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. Continue reading

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2/22/2014 10:59 PM #

Jesus did say of the buildings of the temple that there shall not be left one stone upon another.  In the video on this page, I see stones still resting on others.  I wonder if Jesus was talking of a future event when truly, every stone will be removed from its place before the Lord returns and before the end of the world.  [Matthew 24:3 KJV says "end of the world".]

Earl - 2/22/2014 10:59:41 PM

2/24/2014 1:14 PM #

This is a great question.  The stones to which Jesus was referring were the "buildings of the temple" which would have included the temple itself, Solomon's Portico, and any ancillary buildings.  The stones can be seen today at the southwest corner of the Temple Mount.  They were pushed over the edge by the 10th Roman Legion in AD 70 in fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy.  The stones that are still standing are the stones of the Temple Mount platform, the largest of which weighs almost 600 tons.  The KJV rendering of "end of the world" in Matthew 24:3 is incorrect since the word in question is aeon which means age, not cosmos which means world.  To my knowledge, no other translation has this mistake.  My teaching on the "Final Prophecy of Jesus" will be available on the ABR website in the near future.

Scott Stripling - 2/24/2014 1:14:18 PM

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