Clear Away the "Debris": An Appeal from ABR

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Excerpt Dear ABR Friends: Please allow me this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry of ABR! The 2013-2014 season of ministry has been one of the most extraordinary in ABR’s history. Our dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir has uncovered amazing evidence that supports our identification of the site as biblical Ai. Continue reading

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In fact, a second Egyptian scarab has been discovered in May which we believe will add to the mounting evidence for Maqatir being the Ai of Joshua 7 and 8.

The work we are doing in Israel is part of the original research we believe is essential in clearing away the lies and intellectual debris of atheist critics and detractors. Their incessant distortions of the Bible poison the faith of believers in Christ and put stumbling blocks in the way of those seeking the truth.  ABR exists to affirm the authority of Bible and to help students of the Scripture to stand firm in their faith.

Why Ai? Because critics claim that Joshua never existed, and that the Conquest of the Promised Land was a myth created by later Israelites.  With each shovel full of dirt we are uncovering evidence that honest students of biblical history can use to defend their faith and to teach biblical accounts with corroborating evidence.  We want to empower all believers in Christ with an arsenal of truth to defend with confidence their faith in Christ and their belief in the inspiration of Scripture.

The exciting developments in our work have only been possible because of you. ABR thrives, not because of government grants or due to some extraordinary endowment, but solely through the gifts of those who support this ministry. As the 2013-2014 fiscal year draws to a close we are asking that you would consider a generous donation to help us finish strong.  The large projects we have been working on this year have included the development of a biblical-archaeological curriculum and a complete overhaul and redesign of our website.  These projects are expensive but deserve our attention and support so that the ABR ministry can have an even greater impact upon this generation.

Please consider how you can help us at this time as our fiscal year ends June 30.  Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support of ABR!

Scott Lanser
ABR Director

P.S. - Please take a few minutes to read over my recent newsletter that outlines many other ABR activities from this past year, as well as opportunities for the coming year! (Read the ABR Spring Newsletter in PDF).

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