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Yonder offers travelers insurance to Israel:


  1. HIGH IMPORTANCE! Passport
    Immediately procure a passport from your country. If you already have one, the expiration date of the passport must extend SIX MONTHS BEYOND YOUR DEPARTURE DATE FROM ISRAEL. If you plan to stay for the post-dig tour or on your own, please be absolutely sure your passport postdates your last day in Israel by six months or YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED INTO THE COUNTRY!

    No visa is required if you have a passport from an APPROVED country and are staying less than 90 days. If you have other plans or have a non-US passport, please visit the Israeli Embassy webiste.

Bring a clear photocopy of your passport in case you lose it. Or take a photo of it with your phone. This will help in procuring a new one.

2. Traveler's and Health Insurance
a. All travelers must purchase traveler's insurance in the event of a family emergency, illness, etc. ABR CANNOT GUARANTEE THE RECOVERY OF ANY MONIES PAID FOR THE TRIP! Be sure your insurance covers travel in the West Bank, which is where Shiloh is located.

b. All travelers MUST have Medical Insurance coverage for this trip. ABR cannot and will not be responsible in any way for any hospital or doctor visits or ambulance transport needed by travelers, whether the result of sickness or injury. To our knowledge, MEDICARE IS NOT ACCEPTED OUTSIDE THE US. All travelers must thoroughly document their medications, and provide family and doctor emergency contact information.

c. Medical Evacuation Insurance should be purchased as well, in case a traveler needs to be transported to US. Without insurance, this could cost more than $100,000.

Yonder offers travelers insurance to Israel:

3. Safety
Safety is of primary importance on this excavation. Each year, the Israeli Antiquities Authority (or KAMAT) and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) review the situation locally, and determine if it is safe for ABR to dig at the site. Our permit is not granted unless they are sure our site is safe. Shiloh is a national park and is enclosed, and is located along the main security road. The excavation is very safe.

4. Accomodations

Individual Transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to Ritz Hotel / Jerusalem

To get from Ben Gurion airport to Ritz Hotel / Jerusalem, take a communal taxi known in Hebrew as a “sheroot” or “nesher.” Take the taxi/sheroot service stand to Jerusalem, which is on the curbside just outside the airport arrival hall. Tell the driver you want to be dropped off at:

Other passengers will ride in the same taxi/van with you. They run 24-7, except on Yom Kippur. Saturday service can be spotty at times.The cost is about $30.00 (100.00 Shekels) from the airport to the Hotel. For a private taxi the cost is around $80.00 (300.00 Shekels). Tipping is optional. If you tip, a few shekels is fine.

5. Internet Access
Internet in the hotel is spotty at times. There is one public computer available for use. There is an ATM near the hotel. The rooms have safes.

6. Laundry
a. Wash clothes by hand in bathtubs or sinks and then to hang out the clothes on the balcony (if the room has one). With this option, diggers should use detergent from Israel (US detergent does not work well with the Israeli water).

b. There is a laundry service right across the street from the hotel. A full load, washed and dried, is about $25. Diggers can drop off of their clothes after work and pick them up the next day after work.

7. Tax Deductibility
The monies paid toward the Shiloh excavation are not considered a donation to ABR. However, because you are providing volunteer work for ABR, all expenses related to that work may be deductible as expenses of volunteer work for a non-profit ministry. This does not include any touring. You can request a receipt from ABR in the January following the dig. These will no longer be sent automatically. Please consult a tax professional for advice.

8. Dig Supplies: Some supplies are difficult to purchase in Israel or buy in bulk to carry overseas. Please consider bringing one or both of the following as a donation to the Shiloh Dig:

a. MARSHALLTOWN - Pointing Trowel - Masonry - 5 Inch by 2 1/2 Inch - DuraSoft Handle (off site link)

b. Whisk Broom | Handheld Brush | Durable Poly Fiber & Nylon Bristle (off site link)

9. Please pray for the safety of the Dig team and the success of the Dig!


SHILOH 2025 Schedule

Saturday May 10: Pre-Dig Tour participants check in at the Ritz Hotel

Sunday May 11 to Saturday May 17: Pre-Dig Tour

Sunday May 18: Pre-Dig Tourists not joining Shiloh Dig check out.

Sunday May 18: Supervisors organize work areas at Shiloh. Volunteers are welcome to help. Check in PM for volunteers at the Ritz/Ambassador Hotel. Arrangements may be made for earlier check in at additional cost, but there is no guarantee of room availability. Check with ABR to confirm availability and pricing for early check in. Do not contact the hotel directly to make reservations. Dig Orientation is at 5:30 PM on the Mezzanine level. Follow the crowd.

Monday May 19 to Friday May 23: Dig at Shiloh. Week One.

Saturday May 24: Diggers check out AM from the Ritz Hotel. FREE DAY.

Sunday May 25: Optional Weekend Touring. Cost: $50 to $60 with entry fees. (Diggers pay for this optional tour in Israel in cash, not in advance). Destinations: TBA

Monday May 26– Friday May 30: Dig at Shiloh. Week Two.

Saturday May 31: Diggers check out AM from the Ritz Hotel. FREE DAY.

Sunday June 1: Optional Weekend Touring. Cost: $50 to $60 with entry fees. (Diggers pay for this optional tour in Israel in cash, not in advance). Destinations: TBA

Monday June 2 – Friday June 6: Dig at Shiloh. Week Three.

Saturday June 7. Diggers check out AM from the Ritz Hotel. FREE DAY.

Sunday June 8: Optional Weekend Touring. Cost: $50 to $60 with entry fees. (Diggers pay for this optional tour in Israel in cash, not in advance). Destinations: TBA

Monday June 9 – Friday June 13: Dig at Shiloh. Week Four.

Saturday June 14: Diggers check out AM from the Ritz Hotel. FREE DAY.

Sunday June 15 – Monday June 23: Post Dig Tour

Monday June 16– Friday June 20: Restoration work at Shiloh. Volunteers are welcome. Check out Saturday 6/21 AM.

Monday June 23: Post Dig Tour participants check out AM.


Contact Henry Smith, Adminstrative Director, with questions or for a price quote.

ABR office: 717-859-3443 / 800-430-0008

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