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Digging for Truth TV

Join hosts Scott Lanser and Henry Smith as they build on Mr. Smith's interview with Dr. Craig Evans of Houston Baptist University. Topics include: the longevity of the New Testament autographs, the matrix of evidence, and the significance of variants.


Join us for our next episode of Digging for Truth, as co-host Henry Smith interviews Dr. Craig Evans of Houston Baptist University. We will be discussing the reliability of NT manuscripts.


Join us for a round table discussion with archaeologist Gary Byers. We will discuss artifacts from Bible times that people used in every day life.


Join us for a round table discussion with Archaeologist Gary Byers as we talk about the Pool of Siloam, the Pool of Bethesda, and the Christmas story.


Many scholars claim that King David in the Bible is either a fictitious invention or if he was real, his reign is greatly exaggerated. Archaeologist Gary Byers joins us in the studio as we survey evidence for David and his kingdom.


Join us for a round table discussion with archaeologist Gary Byers as we discuss evidence for the nation of Israel in inscriptions and tablets. We'll talk about the Berlin Pedestal, the Merneptah Stela, the Shishak Inscription and the Amarna Letters.


Dr. Mark Stanton, Head of School at Salem Christian School in Macungie, Pa joins us in studio as we discuss training children in the Christian worldview. To find out more about Salem Christian School, visit


Dr. Scott Stripling joins us in studio to talk about two altars discovered on Mount Ebal. Could one of these be the altar from the book of Joshua? Tune in and find out more!

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